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Sample CV

The layout below is only a guide but one that we have found to work well. If you have any specific queries relating to your CV then your personal consultant will be able to advise you.


Telephone & E-mail etc.


Profile: 50 words maximum that accurately describe yourself, your career positioning and two or three key skills. Bullet point format if possible.

Career History

From - To: In reverse chronology i.e. most recent position first.

Unit/Company Name


Job Title

Brief, two line description of facilities, turnover, employees etc. in order to define the scope and nature of the position.

8 to 10 Achievements in bullet point format.

The achievements should demonstrate your key strengths and abilities and be:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Realistic

  • Tangible

The career history should be factual and accurate, with achievements detailed for at least the last three positions. Thereafter, the history can be condensed to 4/5 lines or a brief summary. Should clients want a more detailed list of achievements, experiences then a fuller résumé can be prepared.


Page 3 or 4 should contain the following:

Education: List exams passed - no need to show the subjects.

Professional qualifications: List in detail.

Professional memberships: for example - HCIMA.

Hobbies and Interests: Not always necessary, but can help at interview stage if the person interviewing has any in common.

Personal Details: For international assignments we do get asked for the following personal details:

Date of Birth: No need to show age in years.

Nationality: Also show work permits/Green cards for the United States.

Marital status: Single/Married/Separated/Divorced.

Dependants: State their ages.

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