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Products and Services

Database Recruitment

Our wealth of experience, combined with our expertise in up to date recruitment resourcing methods has enabled us to build up a database, both active and archived, of over 20,000 people in management positions internationally within our specialist sector.

Our relationship with candidates is built upon confidentiality and integrity and many of our referrals are from existing candidates or clients. This provides us with a worldwide network of industry professionals enabling us to quickly support clients and enhance our database searches. We make optimum use of today’s web based technology, combining it with traditional recruitment methods to support candidates and clients alike.

Database selection is the traditional way in which the majority of recruiters operate. Under this method, we would agree in advance a detailed personal specification and establish the full scope and nature of the position you are seeking to fill. We will only forward details of suitable candidates, already have been assessed by the recruiter handling the assignment.

Under this method of recruitment there is no advance payment and fees only become due once a successful candidate commences work. Our fees under this method are a percentage of the successful candidates’ salary however; a reduced percentage applies if HOCAPS has the assignment exclusively for an agreed period of time.

Recruitment Advertising

There are a number of advantages to advertising, not least being the opportunity to promote your own Company and hence create further market awareness of your products and services. We frequently advocate use of all today’s advertising media, including web based services as well as printed formats, in order to maximise exposure within the target market.

Whilst advertising results can sometimes be disappointing, it can also be used as an effective supplement to a HOCAPS database search, with the advantage of generating additional candidates, including those who may be new to the marketplace. This can be a very cost effective method as database resourcing fees are often higher due to the large amount of abortive work.

We handle both national and international based assignments. Working closely with our advertising agency we handle and can advise on all aspects from media selection though to copywriting. We can track responses, telephone screen and interview, right through to presenting a shortlist of candidates.

There are other methods within Advertising Recruitment, such as mailbox advertising or project-based assignment. This can be particularly useful where the speed of response or acknowledgement is important and can be very cost effective when you do not require full selection.

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