In today’s marketplace candidates are expected to undertake far more preparation than has historically been the case and the interview process can become lengthy and protracted. Clients also expect candidates to research their company and to be aware of the market positioning, competition and of any industry factors affecting it.

We have prepared below a few pointers to assist you in the process and your personal consultant will be able to offer further insights and company specific knowledge.

Face to Face Interviews


On the Day

Telephone Interviews

On international assignments, employers often use telephone interviews to conduct initial screening. This also has the advantage of sometimes speeding up the process and of avoiding unnecessary flight costs.

A lot of the information detailed above remains relevant to the telephone interview, in particular the information on preparation. However, there are also a few specific issues that we have detailed below.


When the call comes

Concluding the interview

Psychometric Testing

For employers, recruiting the right people into the right job, then managing and motivating them effectively is imperative. The cost of a mistake is huge and the gain when it goes right is tremendous. Employers understandably therefore often go to great lengths to match people and jobs, employing a variety of techniques including psychometric profiling or assessments.

The way in which organisations select staff varies greatly but it is now common to include some ability, personality or motivation questionnaires at some stage during the interview. You could well experience various differing methods, some of which may have been developed, specifically for your target organisation. The testing can take several different formats including telephone questionnaires such as Talent Plus for Ritz-Carlton and Gallup for Fairmont. In each instance it is worth giving some thought to how you will address the questions but we have detailed below a few tips to help you:

The above information is only a very brief overview and your personal consultant will be pleased to advise you further, directing where relevant to the assessor web sites and where possible discussing with you previous examples.